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Marketing Research and Promotional Message
Becky Waldron
January 15, 2013
Vincent Bonina

Marketing Research and Promotional Message
Although still widely overlooked, women make up the majority of consumer purchases not only in the United States but worldwide. Studies show that women make 80% of the purchases in the United States, which amounts to $7 trillion dollars a year. When the marketing plan is focused at women, research needs to be current and ongoing, through surveys, and market statistics. When expanding the marketing message to include women or focus on women, focus on the following questions: what are women’s needs, perceptions and attitudes? How may these be used to create a marketing message? The traditional role of a woman in business and the household has changed dramatically over the past forty years. Therefore, so have needs, perceptions and attitudes of today women.
The women of today are liberated worldwide more than ever before. Women around the world now have more life options, control of their lives more and this trend is expected to grow exponentially. More women are entering the workplace, resulting in women delaying marriage. These women have decided to continue their education and boosting their careers by making it the focus. Today’s workplace women are also putting of having children until they are in their thirties and forty’s, if they chose to have children at all. Generation Y has a renewed outlook on motherhood. Women have a tendency to be more emotional shopper and have a need to feel wanted and heard, they need comfort and important, and they have an opinion. Traditionally made industries are redirecting their marketing messages at women, markets including electronics and vehicles. Some companies made a considerable effort to redesign their product and message for women, while others made quick…...

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Marketing Research and Promotional Message

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