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Entrepreneurship Project.

Parklane Hotel.

Profile of the Entrepreneur.

, the founder and the Managing Director of the Parklane Hotels, Mysore. The hotel was started as a reason for diversification from their various business activities- which was led by his father. The main reason for venturing into the Hotel business is Mysore, which is known as the city of palaces, which attracts a large number of tourists and tourism being an industry with huge growth opportunities. Under the guidance of Mr. Venkatesh, the hotel has reached new heights. The hotel was ranked no- 1 during the year 2011-12 out of 161 hotels present in Mysore. Prior to the start up of this hotel, Mr. Guptha was the managing partner in Mafatlal Fabrics, a very popular and well known textile outlet in the city.

Hotel Parklane.
Hotel Parklane, a time-honoured family legacy welcomes you to an incredible experience of living in international standards. Now, after major renovation and expansion – more than doubling our size, we’re featuring 30 creatively designed luxurious guest rooms, 3 multi-cuisine restaurants, a relaxing swimming pool and an option to shop for the finest Indian clothing and accesories. Parklane is now an ideal choice even for the most discerning of travelers as it is perfect for all budgets.

Parklane Hotel is a dream realized by Mr. K.N.Gupta, its founder and managing director, and is also the person behind its creation and success for over two decades. Parklane has retained its impeccable quality, simplicity and style all through its 25 years, be it in presentation of food or personalized service, continuing the legacy of gracious hospitality.

Being pioneers of the hotel industry in Mysore, they know the importance of a perfect ambience for clientele visiting Mysore for work or for leisure. So, complete with original laterite stones specially brought in from…...

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