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Pharmacy Service Improvement at CVS
Business Seminar Case Study
Bethany Odom, Katie Tewell, Kelly Snider, Brad Lowe

Table of Contents
Introduction…………………………………………………….3 Day-to-Day Operations Diagram……………………………….4 Drop Off………………………………………………………..5 Data Entry………………………………………………………7 Production………………………………………………………10 Quality Assurance………………………………………………12 Pick-Up…………………………………………………………12 Pharmacy Additions……………………………………………14 Our Future………………………………………………………15 Works Cited…………………………………………………….16


The current system in a CVS pharmacy allows customers to quickly drop off their prescriptions whenever convenient for them, the pharmacists and technicians to fill the scripts near the time the customer would like to pick them up, and customers to return to the store to pick up their medications at the specified time. However, this system creates long lines and angry customers during busy pick-up times, such as around the evening meal, when the typical work day concludes. We would like to implement a system that focuses on the day’s procedures and alters the drop-off, data entry, and production steps, therefore ideally reducing the number of problems that occur and must be resolved during the pick-up stage. With some additional changes made to the pick-up procedure, we feel CVS will be able to better their customer service and increase customer satisfaction while keeping the safety of its shoppers the company’s number one priority. The following page presents a data flow diagram of the day-to-day operations of the plans we would like to implement for CVS Pharmacy.


Day-to-Day Operations
• Constantly monitor drop-off station • Gather/check customer information • Update customer information in the system • Refill online and over telephone


Data Entry

• Drug Utilization Review • Insurance Check & Revisions • Continuous Data Entry •…...

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