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As illustrated in the Chapter 3 of Bauer and Erdogan eBook, “perception may be defined as the process with which individuals detect and interpret environmental stimuli.” As explained, it is not rational, it is influenced by each one life experiences. Moreover, perception is an interpretation of information according to individual values, needs, fears and emotions. During my reading of Chapter 3, I could easily relate to situations in my daily work activities in the Army. There are many types of perceptual distortions where I work.
I can describe a situation where a peer undervalued her capabilities in a self-effacement bias. She was asked by our new supervisor to be an instructor in our daily physical training session. She refused saying that she didn’t know how to do it. She put herself in a negative light and everybody, except the new supervisor, knew that she was perfectly capable of conducting PT, as she did many times before.
Self-fulfilling prophecy often created by stereotypes can be found in my company. In this case, the stereotype is “Asians are smart.” Therefore, a Asian coworker is always being selected for training and competitions. He normally does well because of hard studying an dedication, but all other soldiers that could also be participating alternatively are left behind. The perception that Asians will do better remain and end up self-fulfilling by soldier passing all trainings and doing well in the competitions.
Selective perceptions also occur frequently in my work environment. There are cases where two people do the same infraction and just because one has a closer personal relationship with the supervisor he/she is treated in a different way. For example, two soldiers are going for a training and forget to bring the same essential item, normally both will have trouble and reprimand, but in a selective perception case, the supervisor…...

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