Our World and Health Car Delivery in the Future

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| Our World and Health Care Delivery In The Future | | | LaTisha M. Green | HCA/24011/04/2012Vinod Sharma |


Demographics and disease trends have a big influence on health care and how it is going to be delivered now and in the future as well. The world around us is forever changing and we need to make sure that we are changing and evolving with it as well. In this paper we are going to discuss two things that are making us look at how health care is going to have to be delivered in order to take care of the aging and how to treat obesity as well. The objective of this paper is to bring to light some of the demographic changes and disease trends that have already happened and that is going to happen in the near future. These changes and future trends will reshape the nation in the years and decades to come.
Demographics of Aging In the United States there are almost 40 million people aged 65 +. That is almost 13% of the population and by 2030 there will be more than 72 million older people. That will make up about l9% of the world population. That is just like saying that someone turns 50 every 8 seconds. Also each year more than 3.5 million boomers turn 55 and by the year 2012 America’s 50 and older population will reach an all-time high of 100 million people. According to the Administration on Aging of the Department of Health and Human Services:

* The number of Americans who will reach 65 over the next two decades increased by 31% during this past decade. * If you reach 65 you can expect to live almost 19 more years. * No surprise that women outnumber men by almost 6 million. * Seventy two percent of older men are married; 42% of women are married. * About 31% (11.2 million) of older persons live alone. * Almost a half of a million grandparents have primary responsibility for their grandchildren. * The…...

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