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Inventory Management


Inventory Management


Operations Management


William J. Stevenson

Inventory Management

8th edition
McGraw-Hill/Irwin Operations Management, Eighth Edition, by William J. Stevenson Copyright © 2005 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.


Inventory Management


Inventory Management

Types of Inventories

Inventory: a stock or store of goods

Independent Demand


Dependent Demand

Raw materials & purchased parts • Partially completed goods called work in progress
• •

Finished-goods inventories







(manufacturing firms) or merchandise (retail stores)

Independent demand is uncertain. Dependent demand is certain.


Inventory Management

Types of Inventories (Cont’d) (Cont’


Inventory Management

Functions of Inventory

• •

Replacement parts, tools, & supplies Goods-in-transit to warehouses or customers

• • • •

To meet anticipated demand To smooth production requirements To decouple operations To protect against stock-outs


Inventory Management

Functions of Inventory (Cont’d) (Cont’
To take advantage of order cycles To help hedge against price increases To permit operations To take advantage of quantity discounts


Inventory Management

Objective of Inventory Control

• • • •

To achieve satisfactory levels of customer service while keeping inventory costs within reasonable bounds
• •

Level of customer service Costs of ordering and carrying inventory


Inventory Management

Effective Inventory Management
• • • •

11-10 Inventory Management

Inventory Counting Systems

A system to keep track of inventory A reliable forecast of demand Knowledge of lead times Reasonable estimates of
• • •

Periodic System…...

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... it's not just about price it's also about what the shopper gets for her money. By comparison, national brands operate on a different playing field, one that is far more costly. Their goal is to be in every store in the country. That means they spend huge sums of money on advertising, merchandising and promotion. Store brands are not cheaper they are just less expensive to market than national brands are. That's good news for consumers. Store Brands: The Smarter Choice Exactly how much do consumers save? Last year, American shoppers who reached for the store brand version of their favorite food and non-food grocery products rather than the national brand enjoyed an estimated $32 billion in annual savings. Ongoing research by PLMA consistently reveals that on a trip to a typical supermarket shoppers save about one-third on basic grocery and household items by choosing store brands over national brands. The difference is the so-called marketing tax, which consists of advertising and promotional costs incurred by national brand makers that are then passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. Big CPG companies spend more than $21 billion annually on advertising media. They earmark about 25 cents of every dollar to build brand equity. They do this to satisfy shareholders and Wall Street analysts who place a premium on the perceived value of their brands. A store brand manufacturer does not have these costs. But it buys the......

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...weekly meeting will be scheduled at which time students may ask questions, discuss homework exercises, etc. Attendance at this meeting is optional. Grading System • There will be 2 examinations, one at the middle of the course, and one at the end. • Homework will be assigned each week, but this will not be given to the instructor to be graded. Students are encouraged to work together on homework assignments. • There will be a short (multiple choice) quiz each week which tests whether you have understood the homework assignment. Only the best 10 quizzes for each student will be used in computing the course grade. Midcourse Examination Final Examination Weekly Quizzes (best ten) 30% 50% 20% page 3 What is “Operations Research”? • other names: management science, decision science • application of information technology for decision-making • designing systems to operate in the most effective way or deciding how to allocate scarce human resources, money, equipment, or facilities • closely related to several other fields: o applied mathematics, o computer science, o economics, o industrial engineering, and o systems engineering page 4 Typical problems faced by an O.R. practitioner: • In what sequence should parts be produced on a machine in order to minimize the change-over time? • How can a dress manufacturer lay out its patterns on rolls of cloth to minimize wasted material? • How many elevators should be installed in a new......

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