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Assignment on New Product development
Course Title : Principles of Marketing Course Code : BBA 2107, Sec: D


Jannatul Mawa Nupur
(Senior Lecturer )
Faculty of Business
Northern University Bangladesh.


Md. Razaul Karim ID: BBA 060101715

Md. Musfiqur Rahman I.D: BBA 080102476

Ayeasha Siddika ID : BBA 060101555

Md. Ariful Islam ID : BBA 080102596

Date of Submission: 11th May, 2009.


Table of Content

|Name of the Contents |Page Number |
|Definition |1 |
|Packaging Fish |2-3 |
|Mum Juice |4-5 |
|Packaging Vegetable |6-7 |
|Solar Mobile Battery |8 |
|Packaging Coconut Water |9 |
|Liquid Salt |10 |
|Liquid Tea |11 |
|Liquid Sugar…...

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