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Helpful Neighbours
I was pondering how some people can be clueless towards the existence of their neighbours even after living in that particular apartment for many years. It’s an irony since we were taught to co-exist in a community where we depend on each other to achieve a more meaningful living environment. Being friendly and helpful are just some of the traits neighbours should display willingly towards others. Helpful neighbours are rare in recent times but those who are out there are gems we should treasure. They are neighbours who expect favours in return, neighbours who help out of goodwill and those with the intentions of being meddlesome and invasive. These neighbours are just a door or few away to come to our rescue at any time of the day. As we have heard numerous times, good things don’t come easy.
Some might need to observe you struggling on both hands with bags of groceries, only to ask but not offer help. While some willingly offer to collect and safe keep your daily papers sent at your doorstep knowing you are going out of town. However, not all of these are purely act of kindness. Some come with hidden agendas of their own. There’s a saying which goes, “There’s no free lunch in the world” to remind us to always be mindful towards others extreme kindness. Are helpful neighbours purely helpful?
Some of them expected us to return favours for those help they rendered. They seemed like service providers expecting to get paid for the services they provided but for these instances in a more subtle and discreet manner. I once witnessed a conversation between two of my previous neighbours in the lift a particular morning, with one of them dropping hints of being late for work and having to fight the human traffic taking buses and trains. He is a nice man as he frequently helped the other guy who was his next door neighbor to clean his corridors while…...

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