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Shelby Barker

Rainforest covers about 6% of the earth's surface and is one of the most diverse ecosystems. Influencing how energy flows through this ecosystem is the fact that most f the plants living mass is above ground. There are plenty of cycle in the rainforest that make sure the flow of energy and nutrients through this ecosystem is continual. Photosynthesis is the process which energy is harnessed from the sun and used along with carbon dioxide and water to produce energy and food. This allows plants to provide food for the wildlife by distributing the energy. This cycle is completed when plants and animals die and decompose, making nutrients such as, carbon dioxide again. The rainforest has four layers that energy flows through. The ground level is the most heavily impacted in terms of how it adapts to shadowy conditions, which in term affects its impact on photosynthesis. Essential, in the flow of energy on the ground level through decomposing are fungi and earthworms. The cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and oxygen contribute to the transportation of matter along with other bioactive elements that are linked to animal life, plants, and bacterial life in this region. These cycles are associated with water, soil, and seasonal energy fluxes. This ecosystem has a surprising level of sophistication, the animal life, plants and bacterial life use to adapt to their surroundings to conserve and access nutrients. Due to the organisms sophisticated adaptation, the plants, animal and bacterial life are able to thrive in reserved conditions. Human activities have altered these cycles by deforestation. Cutting down trees and destroying the grounds that organisms are dependent on for living, distribution and continuity of the energy cycle and oxygen throughout the ecosystem. The Rainforest is being tarnished for logging…...

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