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My Learning Strategies
Grand Canyon University

My Learning Strategies A Learning strategy is an approach a person uses to retain information; no two people are alike even twin brothers or sister living and growing together each one individually will develop its own way or learning strategy when doing the same things (Ravert, P. 2008.) Most people enjoy having peace and quiet to improve their learning experience, while others prefer listening to music while they work or study. Throughout my life noise has been a very import part of my learning abilities. Remembering growing up, having music played while studying or doing any other shores around the house was a must for me, perhaps this could be attribute to my parents’ house being less than twenty miles from an international airports, having planes flying a low altitude was enjoyable and helpful to my concentration. Many of my friends’ on the other hand always complained of not been able to study due to the planes loud engines. "The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?" results describe my personal preferences as mixed preferences, each person is an individual who learns and adapts to situations using different approaches at the time they occur. The VARK questionnaire suggests reading and writing as my strongest preferences, and visual and aural as the weakest when in fact is the opposite in my personal view, although after taken the VARK questionnaire the multimodal makes more logic since my personal learning preferences vary from seen someone doing something once, than trying to execute it; to reading instructions, for example getting a new piece of furniture and putting it together is much easier for me than having somebody else explaining how to do it. Been able to see how things are done, rather than reading about it is an important way for me…...

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