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“Parable of the Sadhu”

Apply your CORE perspective to what you would do in the “Parable of the Sadhu,” discussing your initial response to the sadhu and how it did, or did not, reflect your CORE perspective. Place in my dropbox by 1:00 PM Nov. 5.

1. What I would have done of my initial response

When I read the article, I am not so struggle as the author. In my first thought, I was thinking of what we can do and what we can’t do. Since we have a couple of hours to think how to deal with him, compared our time and his life, I will definitely take care of him immediately.

First of all, actually, it’s not a matter of instant emergency, strictly speaking, we have more than six hours to decide what we can do, so it was not the matter that you have to make decision within a minute.

Secondly, to minimal the reaction time in a team in the case without a clear leader, I will call the teammates immediately to have a 20-minutes meeting, to make everybody pull out their thoughts, what’s the strength and weakness to save him, what we can do and what we cannot do. After squeezing all ideas, I would have made a summary and a poll to decide what we should do. And then just follow the majority because I still had the commitment to other team members. So this is the instant reaction that I would have taken when I read it the first time.

2. A familiar discussion in Law School: my experience as an attorney

This kind of examples are familiar with law school students, in fact, we take about two classes to discuss about the abandon. That is, what kind of behavior will constitute the act of abandon, do we have the obligation to take measures instead of abandon? From the philosophy of laws, every human kind has the obligation not to do certain things, e.g. murder, steal, etc. On the other hand, we have much less obligations to do certain things. Thus in the field…...

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