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Mary-Louise Buxton, “Mount Pleasant”

“Mount Pleasant” is a short story written by Mary-Louis Buxton, published in 2005. The theme in this short story is the children thoughts in their everyday life.

The short story is about a girl named Elizabeth and her everyday life. She starts by being up in a attic where she finds a photo which she takes downstairs when she's called by her mother. Elizabeth's mother doesn't like the photo which is an old photo of an unknown boy. She talks a little about the roads around Mount Pleasant which they now know pretty good. She talks about how known herself and her sister are in the area. Later she talks about being home with her father and sister, drink hot cocoa and eat syrup sandwiches. That night in her bed she feels that someone sat in her bed which made her very scared but in the end nobody was there.

The story is set in a house called Mount Pleasant and the area around the house where the main character lives. The narrator is the main character who isn't described in the story but we're told that she's about 6 or 7 years old which is shown in this quote: “He's maybe nine or ten, not that much older than I am.” The narrator describes the hole story through her thoughts and what she sees which is very childish e.g. when she speaks of her mother and father she calls them Mammy and Daddy. The narrator's named Elizabeth which we are told at the first page when her mother calls her. She's a first person narrator because of the use of 'I' through the hole story even though she never speaks to the other characters. She only thinks and tells the reader about some events she has been experiencing last week and the present. It is a non-omniscient narrator because she only knows her own thoughts. The language is informal because the narrator invents her own words all the time for example “babby” which means 'baby'…...

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