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| The Internet Sales Tax | Sales Tax Headaches | | [Type the author name] | Park University |
MG 260


Internet Sales Tax

I. Lure of the No Tax Sale

A. Supreme Court Ruling a. Quill v. North Dakota

B. Sales and Use Tax

1. Declining Revenue a. Internet Sales b. Purchasing shift taxable goods v. services

2. Congress Failure to Act a. Three serious impacts b. States React independently

II. States Actions

A. Click through Nexus Laws

1. Illinois Example

a. $153- $170 Million lost revenue per year (1) Main Street Fairness Act (2) Amazon & Overstock Pull Affiliates (3) Affiliates Flee Illinois

2. Illinois Court Ruling a. Law fails Muster III. States Band Together A. Streamlined Sales Tax Project a. Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement 1. 44 States and DC 2. Impact large online and catalogue retailers

IV. Congress Proposes Legislation A. Main Street Fairness Act B. Market Place Fairness Act C. Market Place Equity Act

V. Closing A. Legislation or Review by the Supreme Court

The lure of the no tax sale
“The internet has emerged as an extremely important channel of commerce in our nation for this reason; we must be vigilant in keeping this medium as unencumbered from regulations and taxes as possible” Congressman Todd Akin. (“The Internet Sales”, 2006) Many individuals today enjoy the benefits of ordering from out of state companies and avoid paying state sales taxes. The concept of no-tax shopping has become a prime lure of online retailers looking to hook consumers on click-and-charge buying. Congress This is due to a 1992 decision, Quill v. North Dakota,(Quill v. North…...

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