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To: John Smith, Small Business Director

From: Joan Jones, Accounting Associate

Date: October 28, 2012

Subject: Funding for a Business Writing Course

I am writing to request funding to participate in an upcoming class, Business Writing, held at Un known University. The class will focus on effective writing strategies in a business setting and how writing simpler, clearer, and being concise will enable a better understanding of written material by the readers. Also focuses on effective communication strategies for oral and written formats either on a one-to-one basis or for a larger audience. It will also focus on how to write so that the reader understands the information you are conveying. This ten week class begins January 15, 2013 at a cost of $535.00. The registration fee includes all course materials that will be needed for the class.

This class will provide me with an opportunity for professional development and a stronger confidence in my writing ability for letters and reports. The class will provide me with the ability to better communicate with clients and co-workers with a clearer and better understandable format to my writing. This course will allow me to perform my current position in a more professional and timely manner. With improved writing abilities there will be less time explaining misconceptions and confusions of what was meant by the letter, report, email, or memo to the reader. The benefit to the company is the professionalism and creditability associated with writing in a clear and concise format that our clients will understand. Another benefit of my taking this course and improving my writing abilities is that our clients will have a greater confidence in our company’s abilities to handle their business needs.

Thank you for considering my request for funding a Business Writing Course at Unknown…...

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