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Churned customer research Report

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Ms.nistha kapoor ISHA SINGH
Assistant manager RITESH AHIR

VOICE OF CUSTOMER 1. Yearly plan is migrated to monthly plan without prior permission of customer, negligent attitude of customer care and employees who attended him. 2. Requirement of constant speed of 1 mbps which is available with reliance. 3. Customer required cheap plan like spidigo (paid 4000 yearly 12+2) 4. Speed should be more , connectivity must be better 5. Bill was received late and thus for no reason had to pay late payment which authentically he should not, executives used to take bill but later his absence disappointed him , no response from customer care and employees. 6. Constantly persuaded for different plan but nobody paid attention to his request, lack of responsibility of employees dealing with customer, lag in time to respond. 7. No availability of static IP Plan even if plan exists nobody informed him about the plan. 8. Bill not on time, no response from customer care, felt there is no communication between inter departments. Everybody asks each different time different questions. Faulty billing issues 9. Once the connection is been done the executives are least bothered about all the issues. 10. Modem did not got fixed even after the n no of complaints, kept persuading for a new modem but no employee helped out ready to pay amount even. 11. Error in billing cycles. 12. Plan shifted from 499 to 1299 without prior permission.

Observation from customer service department 1. Most of faulty…...

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