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McDonald’s Restaurant
STAT 2800 Survey of Operations Management Project II Dr. Rotimi Aderohunmu

November 15, 2004 By: Stephanie Earley Matt Kellond Heather Kraich Eddie Phillips Rabab Sadeq Thuy Van

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To sustain its viability in a competitive market, the McDonald’s Corporation sets its overall goal of “making its customers happy.” To reach this broad goal, McDonald’s mainly focuses on competitive bases of speed, cost, and nutrition. The corporation also recently created dramatic strategy changes to its stores internal processes by introducing the Made for You System, and McDonald’s also created a Revitalization Plan which encompasses all areas of the business to make its customers happy. Quality management at McDonalds is one of the major factors that make the corporation one of the most successful fast food restaurants in the world. The corporation uses computerized information systems and strict corporate quality standards to maintain quality at their restaurants. To enforce the standards, the corporation undertakes exhaustive inspections on each restaurant two times per year. Also, thorough training processes ensure that all McDonald’s employees have the proper knowledge to meet the corporation’s standards, which will in turn make their customers happy. Many suppliers aid McDonald’s success by supplying their raw materials efficiently and on time. McDonalds reassures that their product is fresh by choosing suppliers near the restaurants, to minimize transport time. To ensure quality of products and reduce cost between the restaurants and their suppliers, the McDonalds Corporation publishes specific guidelines to ensure that the restaurants receive the best quality materials. McDonald’s ensures consistent products by enforcing strict standards and frequently inspecting its suppliers. The…...

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...Whoppers become even more attractive” (Good and Hungry, The Economist). Since the market in the United States is well developed, Burger King and McDonalds are going to further expanding their market shares overseas in order to increase their revenues. According to McDonalds’ 10-K report, the European region had contributed $9274 million total revenue in year 2009. On the same time, the United States had $7944 million total revenue, the Asia-Pacific region had $4,337 million total revenue and other countries and corporate had $1190 million total revenue. Other than increasing the number of restaurant in foreign counties, menu innovation will be a good method to attract customers overseas. Therefore, McDonalds offered special beverages like the Mc Café brand coffee and milk shakes to attract more customers. Consumers demand more from the fast food restaurants, they want to get the most out of the lowest prices nowadays. With the increasing supply of services and food from various fast food restaurants, the competition will be keen and only the best one will survive after the global economic downturn. The Standard & Poor’s Industry also predicts this by saying “ In 2010, given our forecast of only modest sales growth for the industry and with cost pressures likely to intensify, we would expect more operators to fail. Indeed, industry research firm NPD Group Inc. announced in July 2010 that their US restaurant unit count declined by 1%, or a loss of 5,204 restaurants, this......

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...effectively in drawing out the strengths and weaknesses of these fast food brands which have directly affected how successful are they as the competitors in the fast food industry. One of the news which the researcher had found online is Will A $15 Wage Help McDonald's Make Better Burgers And Fries Or Break The Iconic Franchise? According to this news, a raise in the wages of the employee might be able to increase the revenue of Mc Donald’s due to satisfactions the employee they have for McDonald’s. (Forbes, 2015) Through the study of this research, the researcher was expecting to know more about as well as McDonald’s but also its competitors like KFC, Pizza Hut and Subway that was beyond his knowledge. Further than that, the researcher was also expecting to improve his writing skills through this research. Questions like if McDonald’s is the most preferable option among the brands and if McDonald’s food is more healthy in general compared to other brands are also expected to be answered at the end of the research he was doing. Analysis In order to find out if Mc Donald’s is the most successful brand in the world, the researcher decided to obtain the opinions of the public through surveys. He created a survey form and printed them into 20 copies. Then, he went to the public and distributed them to 20 people for them to answer 10 questions which are relevant to the hypothesis he was trying to prove. The range of the age of the people who filled up the 20 survey forms......

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...the best strategy in going overseas. Some of the cross-cultural issues facing McDonald’s management are similar, however many practices vary depending upon which country the global fast- food chain decides to do business. Management has to prepare for the uncontrollable events such as the grave concerns over “mad cow” disease, which has recently sprung into the limelight once again in Europe and how this event could damage McDonald’s profits all over the globe. In this report we will evaluate the choices McDonald’s has made in expanding internationally, as provide some recommendations as to how the company should continue with plans for global expansion. “To know where one is going, one must take a look at where they have been.” In other words lets analyze the extraordinary his tory of this outstanding company. B. McDonald’s Corporation 1. The beginning of an empire: Many people believe that Ray Kroc, a salesman from Oak Park, Illinois was the founder of McDonald’s. This idea is a misconceived notion. In 1954, Kroc heard of two brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, who had 3 purchased eight of these speedy mixers for their profitable burger and shakes joint in San Bernadino, California. Interested in how such a small place of business could have use for such a relatively large number of mixers, Kroc paid the McDonald brothers a visit. He was immediately inspired by the bustling operation: 15¢ cent burgers, french fries, and shakes cranked out in assembly line style,......

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