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zAnti-Trees, Anti-Nature, Anti-People Regime: KARATULA - Pampanga's Statement on the planned cutting of trees in Mabalacat City by Kabataan Partylist Central Luzon on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 12:31am ·
Anti-Trees, Anti-Nature, Anti-People Regime Another Massacre? 486 trees, which are fifty years old, along the Old MacArthur Highway, Mabalacat City, have “X” marks on their trunks. These marks are made by DPWH, as a sign that they will cut these trees, because “because many people have died due to falling branches.” according to Antonio Molano, DPWH Central Luzon director. However, there are no official records that support his claims. Ironically, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which should be the department that will defend the environment, is the one who submitted the tree-cutting plan to the Office of the President.

Anti-Trees Not only in Mabalacat, but also in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, where the present government planned to cut 576, which are in the side of the MacArthur Highway, from Brgy. Telebastagan to Brgy. Baliti. Their reason is that, there are many motor accidents, which is caused by the trees, as if the trees are moving and the motorist aren’t. But the real reason is they want to widen the road, to lessen the road traffic. But it was proven in Brgy. Sindalan, that that’s not the solution. Actually, there are alternative roads in Pampanga, which the government can improve, like the one in Mega Dike. Unfortunately, it seems that they don’t consider this. While in Baguio, last April, SM planned to cut 182 Pine Trees. SM stated that “the building expansion shall be sustaining the environment, not only the trees, but the other environment aspects such as air quality and energy efficiency.” They are planning to earth-ball the Pine Trees. However, earth-balling a tree is still not good for the…...

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