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Mary Barnett left Chicago on January 23 to travel to
San Francisco, California. She went to California to visit her fiancé.
Alison, Mary's six month old daughter was left unattended for seven days, in which Mary came to know that her six month old daughter died of dehydration. Mary has stated that she knew that she was leaving her daughter behind but did not think that she would return as she knew that Alison will die in a day or two. Mary has been charged with second degree murder, which is intentional murder without any premeditation. Doctor Parker and Doctor Bloom are professional psychiatrists; Dr. Parker has been involved with many judicial hearings rather than Dr. Bloom who has not attended any judicial hearing. Both doctors agree that Mary is suffering from depression and anxiety and she is in need from mediation. But Dr. Parker says "She was aware that she was leaving her child unattended and that the child would be in great danger." as Dr. Bloom believes that she did not know what she was doing. Caroline Hosper is the defendants neighbor, she saw Mary entering the building without her six month old Alison on the 30th of January. She believes that Mary was a disgrace because she did not have a husband or any decent man in her life. She also states that she had her garbage filled with wine and whiskey bottles as well as continuously having lots of parties in her apartment. As Caroline states" It's obvious that she is entirely irresponsible and was not a fit mother." Officer Mitchell was the officer who was called to the defendant’s apartment at 11 p.m. on January 30. Officer Mitchell says that Mary knew that she was leaving her six month old alone in the apartment without any supervision. There are many statements that Mary states to Officer Mitchell which prove that she knew what she was doing but acted as she was unaware such as " I…...

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