Marriage and the Family

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Marriage And The Family

Soc 215-50

Mr. A.B. Njai

Critical Thinking I

Gail Ashwood

January 23, 1999


Five Myths About Marriage And The Family

Myth 1

Families Were Happier In the Past

Myth 2

Marrying And Having Children Are the “Natural” Thing To Do

Myth 3

“Good” Families Are Self Sufficient

Myth 4

Every Family Is a Bastion Of Love And Support

Myth 5

We Should All Strive To Be A “Perfect” Family

It is unfortunate that common myths have shaped our beliefs concerning marriage and the family. Knowing what has been deemed as image instead of reality is instrumental in the transformation from a dysfunctional to a functional marriage and family. It is interesting that the first most common myth about the marriage and the family refers to the past: the “good old days.” Seemingly, this myth has influenced the formation of the other four myths. The “good old days” can refer to any period of time concerning or covering the past. Movies and television have spread the notion that people were happier, there were fewer problems and families were stronger in the past. We live in a world of change. The technological advances, the growth in business, industry, education and the economy all have produced change in our lives. Inevitably, people must change. As people have changed, the effects have been evidenced in the family structure and even in gender roles. There would be no growth in society or in people if there were no changes. We study all sorts of problems and situations for a solution. We have social programs and policies in force to guarantee provision for health and safety in the home from abuse and neglect. But, it seems the…...

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...1. What factors bind marriages and families together? How have these factors changed, and how has the divorce rate been affected? The factors that bind marriages and families together are economic interdependence; legal social and moral constraints; and the spouse’s relationship itself. (Page 405) These factors have changed because Americans have moved toward a less familistic set of attitudes and a greater individual investment in self, career, and personal growth. Family members basically don’t need one another for financial stability so therefore they are more apt to divorce. Research also shows that an employed wife doesn’t result in a higher divorce rate, but the working spouse is more capable of pursuing a divorce because she has the means. The divorce rate has stabilized and declined to some degree. The other factor that has caused the divorce rate to slow down is people are waiting later in age to marry. By doing so, they have allowed themselves a better chance by marrying after the vulnerable age. 2. How is “his” divorce different from “her” divorce? How are these differences related to society’s gender expectations? In your observation, are the descriptions given in this chapter accurate assessments of divorce outcomes for men and women today? The difference between “his” divorce and “her” divorce are similar in some facets. Divorced noncustodial fathers have to make the biggest changes because they go from having a family with children to talk to,......

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