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Halimatu Sadiat Bello
Wri 101-8 Cause and Effect Essay
7th November, 2012. A Lost Treasure Losing someone very important in your life can be like losing a delicate part of your body memories of some person held at a very high esteem can be heart breaking. I reminisced the last day of school so eager to get back home to the very person you want to see, touch, hug and are ready to have fun with that special person and just for you to get there and behold that person is long gone, taken away from you by one thing you hate so much and are scared of like hell, Death.
I remembered that very day when Dave walked though that very door into our home, looking so healthy. So interested to know who he was seeing him for the very first time in my life, so I walked up to him and introduced myself to him as Halima and from that moment I made a new friend. We became so fond of each other and did everything together, so I asked him who is was to us on a fateful day when we both went swimming at a hotel close to our home but all he did was to ignore the question which I asked him, but I still maintained for an answer and I finally got one from him saying that he was my far distant cousin through my maternal side. Though I was aware of a long time cousin of my but to my greatest surprise it was Dave I was short of words at that very moment so I asked him what was the call of visit, and he was silent for twenty minutes, and then responded with a sad mood all over his face saying that he came for a two weeks check up with our family doctor because he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver for about two years now. But with the help of some medications and regular check up with the doctor and specialists from different health institutions, he could sustain a stable healthy condition and continue with his regular day-to-day activities and life as a…...

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