Life Choices

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Life Choices
There are about 6.9 billion people on this earth at any given time, and that being true it surprises me that in most instances of danger many would not lend a hand. It’s scary to think that if you were in the city and being attacked that most would not try to stop the attack or call 911. Everyone has had a time in his life were he wished he did something, but didn’t because of fear or hope that someone else would do something. Two years ago I witnessed a bullying incident and I wish I would have spoken up to help. Two years ago, it was any other day at school. Woke up at 6:45 a.m., showered and was on the bus. First and second period went by like usual, slow as molasses. I am the type of personal that cannot stand when someone decides to bully or pick on someone that has a mental or physical disability; most of the times they didn’t have a choice to choose the way they are.
Second period had just ended and as I walked into the hallway I saw all the kids pile out of the classrooms into the hallway. I see the usual people walking together, people pushing each other and of course everyone looking at their phones to see what happened during that period. I’ve seen the student before with Special ED teachers and I have talked to him before. This student is walking down the hallway minding his own business like almost everyone does that isn’t walking with their friends.
Then, I watched with my own two eyes one of two seniors take his hat off of his head and throw it to the other senior. At, first I questioned whether that seriously just happened, unfortunately it did. The only reason I was able to see this happen is the two groups of people walking in front of my were about the size of elves that work at the north pole. I started to speed walk around the two groups and when I was finally right behind them, the two seniors split up going down different…...

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