Level 3 Nvq Diploma Hospitality Supervision and Leadership.

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Learner’s name: Paulina Dabrowska Level 3 NVQ Diploma Hospitality Supervision and Leadership.


A purpose of this project is to compare the cost of renting 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom property. Before choosing dream accommodation I have to set some basic criteria. The most important factors for me is localization and price. My clue in search is to save money on transport by cycling, so localization as it was mentioned above is crucial. However I’m able to spend more money for renting a property in zone 1, what is naturally much more expensive than in areas further from central London. The issue is well explained on website www.moving2london.com

“ The closer you are to the centre of London, the more you are going to have to pay for rent. Simple. The closer you are to the centre of London, the less you are going to have to pay for public transport (if you work in the city centre too). Makes sense as well. BUT just because you pay less rent for a similar type of room in zone 4 compared to zone 1 does NOT mean you will necessarily be paying less per week if you consider public transport costs as well. Costs for travel cards as you go further from zone 1 increase exponentially, and sometimes the money you save on rent by moving to an outer zone may not actually save you much at all over all if you work in zone 1, as so many Londoners do. “ [?]

In next steps I will choose which localization would suits me the best, considering places I visit the most frequently during the week. I will also analyze my expenses and decide how much maximally I’m able to spent for month rent. In budget calculation I would like to include all possible costs of rent, such as bills and how much I can save by cycling (while environmental benefits are priceless( ). To calculate foreseeable profit…...

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