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Made the 25th day of November, in the year Two Thousand and twelve (2012)
JANE SMITH, of the Borough of Clark, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, hereinafter referred to as the Grantor A N D
ADAM JONES and SALLY JONES, husband and wife, of the Borough of Clark, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, hereinafter referred to as the Grantees. WITNESSETH, That in consideration of the sum of One hundred Fifty Thousand (150,000.00) Dollars, in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the Grantor do hereby grant and convey to the said Grantees, her Heirs and Assigns, ALL that certain piece or parcels of land situate in the Borough of Clark, County of Lackawanna and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to wit: BEGINNING at a point in the Easterly line of Rock Avenue which point is Twenty (20) feet Southerly from the division line between Lots numbered 197 and 198; thence along the line of said Rock Avenue in a Southerly direction Eighty (80) feet to a point still in the line of said Rock Avenue; thence at right angles to the last mentioned course and in an Easterly direction One Hundred Seven and five-tenths (107.5) feet to a point in the rear line of Lot numbered 205; thence at right angles to last mentioned course in a Northerly direction and parallel with said Rock Avenue and along the rear line of lots numbered 205, 206 and 207, Eighty (80) feet to a corner; thence at right angles to last mentioned course and in a Westerly direction One Hundred Seven and five-tenths (107.5) feet to a corner in line of Rock Avenue, the place of BEGINNING. Containing approximately 86,000 square feet of land, more or less, and being the Southerly one-half of Lot numbered…...

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Legal Memo covers the protected confidential information for an unlimited period with no need for registration procedures. Legal action can be taken if there is any purposely breaching of the trade secret. Trade secrets laws vary significantly by country and countries utilize different designations for the trade secrets law. In fact, trade secrets protection is the least harmonized intellectual property protection system since countries have different interpretations on the constitution of trade secrets. In the United States, Trade Secrets are protected through State laws. Some countries, especially the developing and underdeveloped countries, still have no trade secret laws in place. In these countries, the protections towards trade secrets are through different branches of their legal system, the most common case is to utilize patent law as the alternative for trade secrets protection. There are some best practices regarding protecting trade secrets for MNEs. Some fundamental and should be continuously improving ones are: Require non-disclosure agreements; limit the distribution of confidential information; Have employees sign non-disclosure agreements; closely monitor company networks and protect electronic data; record and store all the documents. Last but not least, always prepare a contingency plan if trade secrets are breached and take proactive legal actions if necessary. The virologist, Stephan Becker , at the University of Marburg in Germany is part of a......

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...MEMO To: Supervising Attorney From: Heather Leigh Bradley Re: Security Protocols in the Law Office Date: April 8, 2014 You have asked me to research the ethical rules about what is permissible for the website that you plan to create for the law firm. I have conducted legal research on the following issues and am presenting my findings, as follows: 1. Does the website have to list the state where s/he is licensed to practice? Yes, the website does have to list the state or states where he/she is licensed to practice law. In ABA Model Rule 5.5: Unauthorized Practice of Law; Multijurisdictional Practice of Law, it states that a lawyer can not mislead, or withhold their jurisdiction of legal practice to the public, or misrepresent that they can practice law in a jurisdiction that they can not. A lawyer must make it known publically where they legally can practice law. The website must list your state or states that are in his/hers legal licensed jurisdiction must be specifically listed and can not be with held from general public knowledge or misleading to the public. His/hers state or states of licensed practice must be clearly listed to the public on any form of advertising, including websites. 2. Can the attorney list a legal specialty on the webpage? If so, are there specific rules that have to be followed? Is the attorney allowed to state that s/he is a certified personal injury litigator? Yes, the attorney can list particular fields of law that......

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...Legal Cases to help define Piggly Wiggly June 18, 2012 Legal Cases to help define Piggly Wiggly Part I: When looking at the case of Blue v. Environmental Engineering, Inc., 828 N.E.2d 1128 (Ill. 2005) we are talking about a products liability case that went all the way to the Illinoi’s Supreme Court. On the way to the supreme court the case was looked at in several different lights of the law like Negligence of a defective design, strict liability, fore seeable harm, failure to warn, repose beyond limitations, and comparative negligence to just name a few. In this case the plaintiff Glen Blue, injured himself while working on a heavy-duty trash compactor, stuck his foot into the compactor to free up the caught box, in turn got caught, pulled into the compactor as the ram took hold of the box. The ram subsequently hit Blue “three times, breaking his pelvis, leg and foot. (Twerski, A. D., 2006). In the Blue case the expert witness stated in court that several safety features that were technologically available at the time the compactor was manufactured that would have averted plaintiff’s injury, and he opined that the compactor was negligently designed which would have made the product safer to use. However strict liability count was dismissed because the case was filed beyond the applicable limitations period and the statute of repose, and returned the verdict of the plaintiff being 32% Negligent. (Twerski, A. D., 2006). Thereafter the jury sided with the......

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