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Learning English in Young Age: Children learn English as another Language

There seems to be no optimum age for learning a language, according to linguistics experts. Singleton (1995) writes, “There is no point at which vocabulary acquisition can be predicted to cease.” Adults have several advantages over children when it comes to learning foreign language, especially English. Research by Harold B. Dunkel and Roger A. Pillet in 1957 assessed both adult beginning learners of French and elementary students learning French. In their studies Dunkel and Pillet found that the adult students performed better in written and oral tests, but worse on pronunciation. Adults tend to maintain both native and foreign languages at a high level while children who learn a second language can lose proficiency in the first language. But it is universally acknowledged that learning English, since early childhood would contribute positively to the child’s language acquisition. Researchers at University College London have discovered that people who are bilingual have more gray matter (neurons or brain cells) in the language region of their brains. The earlier a child learns English, the more advanced his or her brain becomes in language acquisition. This reinforces the idea that it is better to learn English in the early years. That is why I believe that learning English in young age is better than older one.
The importance of language for young children
The early years are recognized as the foundation years for children’s development. In particular, the first six years are crucial for young children in developing their first language and it is during these early years that children build up their knowledge of the world around them. For children from language backgrounds other than English, the language or languages of the home that have been used since birth are the…...

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