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Leading By Example: Analyzing the Leadership of Cayla and Steve

Written by: Cristina da Silva

For decades scholars who study leadership have struggled to answer a basic question: What is leadership? This is because everyone defines leadership differently based on varying concepts and experiences. In the book Introduction to Leadership, author Peter Northouse defines leadership as a trait, ability, behavior, relationship, and an influence process (p.3-8). Throughout the book, Northouse identifies various concepts, theories and ideas that are evident in the book Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager. The bestselling author of this book, Ken Blanchard, tells a parable of a rising ad executive by the name of Steve, who becomes overwhelmed by his new responsibilities. Steve meets Cayla in a café as he prepares his resignation letter. Cayla, who is the essence of situational self-leadership, teaches Steve the three tricks of self-leadership that allows Steve to take charge of his career.

First of all, as Northouse explains, effective leaders exhibit certain traits and characteristics (p.17). Some of the most recognized leaders of all time such as: Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Oprah Winfrey posses a variation of these traits. While there is no clear cut answer on which specific traits are needed, research points to six key traits: intelligence, confidence, charisma, determination, sociability and integrity. Cayla displays several of these key traits and in turn, teaches Steve how to attain them.
Cayla demonstrates a certain magnetic charm and appeal in each interaction she has with Steve which has a huge effect on her leadership abilities. This is evident by her use of ‘magic’, which gives her a certain charisma. Since confidence is a central trait of successful leaders, it is no surprise that Cayla not only possesses this trait, but…...

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