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You may ask yourself what job that I might want to look into as I grow up. You might think of me trying to become an English major. That is not want I want to become and not even close to what I’m choosing as my major. There are a variety of different things to choose between, but I chose to major in computer engineering for what I really want to do later in my life. Later in my life I want to us the knowledge I get from Cape Fear and use it to become a computer programmer and create software programs and video games. A video game programmer is my perfect job in my future.
As of right now I’m not in the perfect situation to take up a being a videogame programmer. Right now in my life I haven’t had a job yet and don’t have any experience to get some jobs. I am looking for a job now but am having no luck. For now I am attending Cape Fear Community College for a computer engineering major. With this I’ll learn programming languages and networking security. This is just one step out of many steps toward my ideal job.
There are not many conflicts in my life to keep this goal from me. I want to be a videogame programmer and no one, including my parents, will keep me from achieving my ideal job. The one main conflict is my family. My family wants me to get a good job that I won’t enjoy but get paid enough money to pay for them. I would like to have a good job that I enjoy to go to everyday no matter how much it pays. Another conflict I have is that would of liked to take a programming class in high school. But high school didn’t have a class just for that or have a class that incorporates the programming that I would like to learn. Another conflict is how the education system is put together. All the major subjects are taught more and the classes that the kids might want to take for their skills are either not put into the school or taken out of the curriculum. (Sir Ken…...

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