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October 11, 2012
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Kudler Fine Foods is a small business which employs the best of the latest form of fine foods and technology. The owner Kathy takes the right steps to implement a strong strategic management in force and able to identify the organizations issues to be able to sustain good performance. Kudler fine foods, internal and external environment data provides information to make daily decisions with the following; strategic intents, staying true to their mission, and core values in order to maintain what Kudler Fine Foods stands for today. According to the virtual tour, an analysis shows Kudler Fine Foods, weakness, strengths, and opportunities. It also shows the organizations internal resources and possibilities.
Kudler foods, is confronted by a few weaknesses within the organization. For example inventory is limited due to perishable goods, costly payroll, and Kathy being the only manager for all three locations. This makes it very difficult with only one person in charge it limits the purchasing power and management responsibilities that prevent other opportunities for the employee’s, and customers.
Kudler strengths are changing with today’s technology and creating many opportunities with Kudler Fine Foods. They are utilizing the intranet and internet that caters to the employees needs and makes it easier for the organizations communication. The internet also used as a toll to serve their customers about their plan of operations and what is available in services. There are three stores locations and the internet also provides maps on the internet site. Considering some of the organizations strengths for Kudler foods it has well-defined the organizations with specialty foods with an assortment of fine wines and imported cheese products. It also has no direct competition, variety of choices, own brand along with…...

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