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Project Part 1: Multi-Layered Security Plan
* This MLS plan will give a brief overview of the security strategies that will be implemented at each level of the IT infrastructure.
User Domain: Risk, Threat, or Vulnerability
Lack of user awareness * Conduct security awareness training display security awareness posters, insert reminders in banner greetings, and send e-mail reminders to employees.

User apathy toward policies * Conduct annual security awareness training, implement acceptable use policy, update staff manual and handbook, discuss during performance reviews.
Workstation Domain: Risk, Threat, or Vulnerability

* Unauthorized access to workstation * Enable password protection on workstations for access. Enable auto screen lockout for inactive time. Unauthorized access to systems, applications, and data * Define strict access control policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines. Implement a second-level test to verify a user’s right to gain access.

LAN Domain: Risk, Threat or Vulnerability
Unauthorized access to LAN, Make sure wiring closets, data centers, and computer rooms are secure.
Do not allow anyone access without proper ID. * Unauthorized access to systems applications, and data * Defines strict access control policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines. Implement second-level identity check to gain access to sensitive systems, applications, and data.

LAN to WAN Domain: Risk, Threat or Vulnerability Unauthorized network probing and port scanning * Disable ping, probing, and port scanning on all exterior IP devices within the LAN-to-WAN Domain. Ping uses the Internet Control Message Protocol * Unauthorized access through the LAN-to-WAN Domain
Apply strict security monitoring controls for intrusion detection and prevention. Monitor for inbound IP traffic anomalies and…...

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