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Problem Statement
Jieliang came up with an alternative method for scanning barcode labels into the system, and then incorporated the change without permission. Marty is concerned about what other cost-saving ideas have not been brought to the attention of management.
Hypothesis A
A reason why this could have happened is because the company has a Theory X management style.
Precision Electro-Tech’s production facility appears to follow a Theory X vision of their employee management, where they believe employees are lazy, ignorant, lack motivation and/or have no creativity. This company perceives their employees as workers without any spatial or creative thought processes. They adhere to a strict corporate-developed policy of TQM (Total Quality Management) from the beginning to the end of any product line. For each new product they produce, a new set of TQM is established that goes step by step in the most minute and meticulous matter. All of this is done without any input, review or feedback from the workers. The stages, priorities, assembly and product placement in the production line are micromanaged down to the exact place for the highest output of productivity possible. There are check off lists, visual directions and a constant push for the highest production possible at every given moment. Supervisors and managers focus on the outputs, productivity and carefully watch over the employees to make sure the rules are followed to the letter, and if they are not the employees risk being humiliated in front of their peers, or possibly terminated.
This type of environment does not foster any creativity or innovation. Here we see how Theory X does harm to the company by focusing too much on production and not balancing it with the employees. This does not encourage employees to speak up or make suggestions because everything from where to stand,…...

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