Is Ellie Wrong to Have Killed the Soldiers

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‘Is Ellie wrong to have killed the soldiers?
In the novel, ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’, by John Marsden, throughout the ending, including chapters 7/8, 11 and the last chapter killings of the soldiers occur. It focuses on the question, ‘Is Ellie wrong to have killed the soldiers?’ In some instances Ellie is right to kill the soldiers, for example; Ellie was right to have killed the soldiers as it was in self-defence; it was either they kill her or she kills them. To protect her friends from the worse she made a hard and terrible discussion to take another person’s life. In other instances Ellie is wrong to kill the soldiers, for example; Ellie could have just wounded them and give them a chance to retreat instead of killing them.
In chapters 7 and 8, more than one act of killing occurs, the first is the dead of most of the pet and farm animals which is unusual as most animals could have been used as source of food and a companion and the second is different, Ellie is forced to kill the soldiers as they become a fret to her and her friends. Wirrawee is their home where they should be able to feel safe and welcome but instead felt fear and terror. In hell they had the comfit of safety by the shelter which protected them from the war outside although it was enclosed.
The group of friends return home from their trip to find no one home and Ellie’s puppies have died of thirst and hunger and the mother is in a weak condition also the cow was found unmilked which can result in disease and maybe lead to death if not treated quickly, this shows that the soldiers will neglect the animals who are in need of help. This proves Ellie is right to kill the soldiers because the soldiers should have some common sense even though looking after the animals isn’t their responsibility.
Ellie battles to draw upon her courage as much as she battles the invaders. ‘That was the first…...

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