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ACCT XXX – Accounting I & II

I believe to make this career field more attractive I would provide in this presentation the various types of businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities both nationally and internationally. In the private sector, accounting profession include such fields as bookkeeping, payroll clerks, general accountants, budget analyst, internal auditor, and controller. In the public sector, accounting profession is found in the areas of auditing, consulting, tax services, and numerous options as Certified Public Accountants. Government auditors, IRS accountants, FBI accountants, and GAO accounts are about a few of the careers offered by the government

Unit 1 Individual Project
In preparation to speak at a career fair to students at my local high school, I must ensure I cover key aspects to an accounting career as well as having the basic fundamental knowledge and skills required to perform necessary for this career. The first thing I determine is how much time I would be provided to speak at the fair, so I would have to arrange my presentation to fit that timeframe. Next I would determine who my primary audience are and adjust my agenda that would best cover the important aspects of having a career in accounting and my language to make it more appealing to high school students. My agenda would cover these areas of accounting: the primary objective of accounting, some basic terminology of the accounting procedures, how important this career field is on professional ethics, and the role of technology in the business.
Primary Objectives of Accounting. Since there are two different kinds of accounting, financial and managerial, it only makes sense to discuss their objectives separately. The primary objectives of financial accounting are to provide financial information to particular…...

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...Accounting Group Presentation Outline I. Intro We are group B and our presentation is on the solvency of Lawson Software. To decide how solvent Lawson is on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, we chose to look at their Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Interest Coverage, and Cash Flow Profile over the past 2 years. After looking over our data that was collected, we chose to give Lawson a rating of 6, due to their decent ratio numbers, even though some are in decline. II. Numbers A. Current Ratio (Current Assets/Current Liabilities): 2010:1.25 - (570,113,000/455,079,000) 2009:1.49 - (652,095,000/438,098,000) B. Quick Ratio: 2010:1.1 (375,917,000+117,976,000+4,664,000)/455,079,000) 2009:1.3 (414,815,000+152,666,000+4,242,000/438,098,000) C. Interest Coverage: 2010:5.20- ((40,636,000+27,612,000+16,238,000)/16,238,000) 2009:4.69- ((35,922,000+21,731,000+15,625,000)/15,625,000) III. Cash Flow Profile *I haven’t finished this part of the assignment yet* IV. Summary A. By looking at our data presented, as well as how Lawson has dropped their ratios closer and closer to that 1.0 line of being even, we stand behind them as a 6 ranking in solvency at this moment in time, with the belief that at this rate, within a couple of years that number will drop closer to 1....

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