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This paper is devoted to the problem of international selection of personnel. Efficient allocation of the resources is one of the most important criteria in the success of a company, especially when we are speaking about human resources. Hiring and then deploying people to positions where they can perform in the most effective way is the primary goal of most organisations, whether domestic or international.
Selection is the process of matching individual characteristics such as ability and experience with the requirement of the job. The main two differences between domestic and international selection are that managers should take into staffing orientation of particular company, in other words who should take the key positions in headquarters and subsidiaries also they should take into account laws and regulations of host country. Further in this paper it will be discussed different types of employees, factors that influence stuffing and criteria for candidate selection and validation.
In the practical part all the issues mentioned above will be addressed on the example of two companies that are going through changes one of which is the recruitment of the personnel.

Theoretical part
Staffing orientation
As it was said in introduction one of the main obstacles that managers are facing during the selection process of future expatriates is that many companies have predispositions with regard to who should take top positions in headquarter and subsidiaries or in other words Staffing orientation. There are four types of staffing orientation 1. Ethnocentric
It is used in companies that have primary international strategic orientation. In this type of staffing orientation headquarters are sending employees from the home or parent countries to the host country. It means that subsidiaries are controlled by stuff from home country and decisions are…...

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