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120 History and Theory: Introduction Assessment Brief*
(*please read in conjunction with unit outline document)
Key dates
Assessment set: Tuesday 8 January 2013
First* group meeting (with tutors): Wednesday 24 January (studios 1,3,5) Wednesday 31 January (studios 2,4,6)
(*Groups are expected to meet outside of these timetabled sessions in order to complete this work.)
Drop-in help sessions: Wednesdays, 10am to 12 midday (weeks 5,7,8,9,10,11,12)
(studio outside PO2.20 – for individuals and groups)
Submission date (exhibition): 1 May 2013 (week 2 consolidation and assessment period)
You carried out a range of research tasks during teaching block one, which enabled you to develop your research skills, as well as deepening your subject knowledge by following particular interests. These tasks were not assessed, but will be of great help to you for your assessed work in teaching block two.
Throughout teaching block two you are required to undertake an individual research project, focussing on one space from the list attached. You will present this research in the form of a research journal (artefact one).
Each studio has been allocated a ‘type’ of space, either domestic, sacred or public and you can choose your individual space from within this list. In studios, you will break into groups to compare and contrast your spaces, come to some conclusions about each ‘type’ based on this comparative analysis, and present your findings in the form of an exhibition (artefact two). Each group will consist of 6-7 students.
Marking of the work will be based on a combination of your…...

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