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Marketing plan for Innocent Drink Organization

1. Abstract

The 30% downturn that the UK experienced has affected the smoothies market in the region leading to a decline of the market share. It is therefore crucial for Innocent drinks to presents a good evaluative report of the smoothies market of the U.K which recommended a better way of planning for the market. The marketing strategy will also help in seeing how that company can expand its market to other regions of the world. The targeted region is Australia. Which is my proposal for the company to witness a growth of its market share and sales?

The paper will present a strategic marketing plan for Innocent Drink Organization. This entails how the organization can use its resources to adapt to the changes taking place in the marketing environment. Innocent Drink Company just like any other organization has to develop strategies which will enable it gain competitive advantages over its rivals. The marketing strategies have to be implemented and cultivated to enable the consumers to be attracted and to consider the innocent products as their best choice.
To attain the strategic marketing of the Innocent company, this paper will provide a detailed plan concerning the operations and practices of the company, the already existing strategies of marketing such as on sales strategy, pricing, distribution, promotional, product branding and creation strategies. The strategies management and marketing will further reflect on the organizational structure.
Strategic marketing is process by which an organization examines how it can utilize its available resources to adapt to the changes it is facing within the marketing environment it is operating under. An organization has to continuously implement and cultivate various marketing strategies to make it gain and maintain competitive advantage over…...

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...We've always found that there's something about modern living that makes it hard to be healthy. That's why we gave up our jobs over five years ago and started making innocent smoothies. The idea was to make it easy for people to do themselves some good. And to make it taste nice too. We wanted people to think of innocent drinks as their one healthy habit; like going to the gym, but without the communal shower afterwards We call them innocent because our drinks are always completely pure, fresh and unadulterated. Anything you ever find in an innocent bottle will always be 100% natural and delicious -and if it isn't, get on the banana phone and make us beg for forgiveness. In fact, being accountable to our customers is something that is in our blood. In the summer of 1998 when we had developed our first smoothie recipes but were still nervous about giving up our proper jobs, we bought £500 worth of fruit, turned it into smoothies and sold them from a stall at a little music festival in London. We put up a big sign saying 'Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?' and put out a bin saying 'YES' and a bin saying 'NO' and asked people to put the empty bottle in the right bin. At the end of the weekend the 'YES' bin was full so we went in the next day and resigned. Then we had to find a home. And that's when we stumbled across the perfect place - Fruit Towers. It's a lovely little place, somewhere that we can call our own and where everybody's welcome.......

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...Summary For any company, large or small, looking to create a successful health proposition the story of the meteoric rise of smoothie makers Innocent Drinks shows what can be achieved in a tough, highly competitive category. Innocent's strategies are not elusive, nor unachievable rather, they are steps that any company can easily take to propel its brands to new levels. Thanks to frank, in-depth interviews with the company's founders, New Nutrition Business has been in the unique position of tracking the rise and rise of Innocent Drinks to its current status as the world's fourth-largest smoothie brand. This report reveals how the company went from start-up to over $250 million in annual sales in just eight years. Innocent Drinks' packaging and distribution, marketing communications, brand positioning, and its plans for European brand expansion are used to illustrate how simple strategies have brought major success for this innovative company. As the only company in the world dedicated solely to analysing the global nutrition business our analysis will give you practical insights for creating success - and for reducing risks - that are second-to-none. Content • Key point summary • Introduction • 1. Strategy One: Selling the natural functionality of fruit o 1.1 Market facts o 1.2 The start-up phase o 1.3 Brand positioning: Naturally functional, fruit, fun, convenience and ethics o 1.4 Communications strategy o 1.5 Packaging and distribution strategy -......

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Innocent 16% of KFC's target savings for 2009. • Separately, KFC is reported to be suing one of Its suppliers in the US over concerns that some of its packaging could catch fire when reheated in a microwave. Lighter cartons for Innocent smoothies by Catherine Dawes Innocent has moved its onelitre smoothies into lighter cartons with a new no-membrane lid, to save 20 tonnes of plastic a year. The Tetra Rex cartons are 8% lighter than before, saving around 100 tonnes of cartonboard a year, and have been launched as Innocent also introduces its first FSC-certified packaging, for its children's wedges. Previously, under each cap, there was a foil-laminate membrane that had to be removed using a ringpull before the drinks could be poured. Innocent explained in a statement: "Since our smoothies need a good shake first, Innocent: Tetra Rex cartons are 8% lighter than previously that sometimes resulted in stuff getting splashed when you pulled the seal ofT" The new screw caps create an effective seal without the need for the additional mcmthey will save 20 tonnes of plastic a year. "We did loads of testing with the new caps and taste and shelf life are the same," said packaging, processing and purchasing brane,and Innocent estimates team leader Simon Oxley. RPC's refillahle miiic jug roiied out across country by Catherine Dawes Dairy Crest's refillablc milk jug, Jugit, is to go on sale in more than 200 Sainsbury's and Waitrose stores......

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...De Marketing mix, 4 p’s van INNOCENT DRINKS 1. Product - geen duurzaam goed, je kan het maar eenmaal gebruiken (weet niet precies of dit er bij moet?) Kernproduct. De kern van Innocent drinks is de nood aan een gezond, vers, fruitig drankje. Dit zijn onze smoothies. Omdat niet iedereen dol is op dezelfde vruchten, heeft Innocent ze van verschillende vruchten gemaakt. Of je nu van de frisse en zure smaak van cranberries houdt, of van de zoete en tropische smaak van mango’s en kokosnoten, er zit er vast eentje tussen die je lekker vindt. Al onze smoothies zijn 100% natuurlijk. Ze bevatten geen geur-, kleur- en smaakstoffen, conserveringsmiddelen, geconcentreerde sappen of andere onnatuurlijkheden die niet in gezonde drankjes horen. Eén innocent smoothie is goed voor je Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid fruit. Materieel product. Innocent hecht enorm véél belang aan het materieel product. Dit qua keuzes voor grondstoffen, verpakking, personeel,... een overzicht. 100% natuurlijke drankjes Innocent wilt graag 100% natuurlijke, gezonde en duurzame smoothies maken. Smoothies die goed smaken en waar je lichaam blij van wordt. Daarom gebruiken ze geen conserveringsmiddelen, geur-, kleur- en smaakstoffen of andere onnatuurlijke E-honderdnogwatnummers. Omdat het bedrijf graag dingen natuurlijk, zuiver en gezond willen houden hebben ze zichzelf innocent genoemd; onschuld Verantwoorde ingrediënten Innocent koopt hun fruit zoveel mogelijk bij plantages die......

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...Content page Introduction Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur What makes a person start their own business? Similarities and difference of an entrepreneur and own manager Analysis of the entrepreneur Conclusion Introduction The company I choose to focus on for this assignment is innocent drink. Innocent drink is a smoothies company set up by three friends. In this assignment I shall focus on one of the founders which is Richard Reed. I will look into what inspired him to start his business, his upbringing, education, and his influences. I will link my findings to the 5 big personality traits and connect this to Richard Reed Innocent Drinks is a company that makes smoothies, juice and veg pots, sold in supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets. Its purpose is to make natural, delicious food and drink that helps people live well and die old (REFERENCE) Innocent was set up by a Richard, john and Adam, a group of friends that met each other in Cambridge University. It all started in 1999 where they were selling fresh juices at a music festival at their stall. A sign above the stall reads “Should we give up our jobs to make these smoothies?” and people are asked to throw their empties into bins marked ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. At the end of the day the YES vote won and they quit their jobs (REFERENCE) Richard was brought up in Yorkshire by both his parents, his mother kept two jobs and his dad worked long hours so they can put...

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...The success of Innocent’s marketing techniques Introduction This assignment is about the Innocent company, its brand portfolio and the potential entry into the Spanish market. In the first part I give information about the company itself including its history, its current operations, markets and distribution channels. In the third section I conduct a macro environmental analysis and a more market-specific analysis by the 12C - framework as well as the Porters Five Forces – model. The fourth section comprises an assessment of the principal challenges that the Spanish market represents to the company in selling its products. The last part involves a personal evaluation of relevant entry modes for the company into the Spanish market. The Innocent company History and Facts The 'Innocent' company is originally a manufacturer and distributor of smoothies. It was founded in 1999 by Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright (Datamonitor, 2009). Their business of selling fruit drinks without adding sugar or concentrates growth rapidly. Starting with a turnover of £0.2 millions in 1999 they could record revenue of £114 millions in 2007 with a 71 % value share of the UK smoothie market. This success is lead back to the constant expansion of new product lines and markets. Innocent developed the new brand 'This water' and launched it in 2007. To extend its product range the company initiate 'Orange juice' and 'Vegetable pots' in 2008. Starting from offering their products within...

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...Three Cambridge graduate friends, Adam Balon, Jon Wright and Richard Reed started up Innocent Drinks in 1999. They developed a range of premium smoothies containing 100% natural fruit. The British based company now is one of the best-loved and fastest growing businesses in Britain. The company has a range of different recipes and is distributed via supermarkets (including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and The Co-operative), coffee shops (including Starbucks) and health cosmetic retailers (including Boots) they are also expanding into other countries with drinks being sold in France, Germany and Belgium. The company has become known of its credentials, such as that it pays a premium for fruit, recycles its bottles and probably most significantly, Innocent’s profits are donated to charity each year and into The Innocent Foundation. However it was a difficult start up, Griseri points this out: ‘The entrepreneurs behind Innocent had difficulties in finding funding for their business idea, but the company soon became successful and held 20 per cent of a market worth £20 million’. The British based company Innocent Drinks is one of the best-loved and fastest growing businesses in Britain. Innocent Drinks is now a well-loved and known lifestyle brand that provides brilliantly designed, healthy and fashionable under its brand identity. Innocent Drinks has achieved unparalleled success in the UK as the foremost player in the smoothies sector. This case study looks at the smoothies category in...

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