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For many people the insurance industry may seem boring, I felt like that myself when I first entered into this career field. Over time I have come to realize that this is not true, that in fact my ideal career is in the insurance industry. In the insurance industry there are numerous companies and careers to choose from, there are small companies that no one has heard of and larger companies such Allstate and Nationwide. There are a few things to take into consideration other than just the compensation package being offered when choosing which company to work for. How well do they manage their financial issues such as tax issues, hedge funds, and natural disasters risks?
My ideal career in the insurance industry would be in the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). In order to achieve this goal I need to start in essence at the bottom and work my way up and gain knowledge to help ensure that I do the best I can. There are a few adjuster positions that can assist me in gaining the knowledge that will help me later be a SIU adjuster. Three types of adjuster positions that will help to obtain my goal are:
• Liability – The majority of claims are handled in the liability determination unit (LDU), in Texas the average adjuster handles approximately three to five claims a day. These are claims that the liability is unclear and no injuries are present.
• Soft-tissue Unrepresented – Claims handled by this unit involve soft-tissue injuries usually caused by low impact accidents, minor auto damages usually under $1500.
• Moderate Unrepresented – Claims handled by this unit also involve soft-tissue injuries caused by more severe impact accident with damages between $1500 and $5000.
So of all the different careers why did I choose SIU? I chose this career because to me it is interesting, unlike the other adjuster positions listed above, SIU adjusters do not work solely…...

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