Iat Tests and Results

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IAT Tests and Results
November 7th, 2012

After completing nine different Implicit Association Tests or IAT’s, I feel that I learned some information about myself that I did not recognize before when I refer to others, and other facts that I personally already knew about myself. Upon completing the Asian IAT, the test stated that I personally had a slight associated of European Americans with American and Asian American with Foreign compared to Asian Americans with American and European Americans with foreign. Subconsciously I didn’t realize the relations I put with one racial background compared to the other, but once I completed the test I realized that I do personally associate certain members of a background with certain cultural items. Although I do not use that in order to be malicious or rude to someone, it is a generalized reference that I have learned growing up and from where I have lived.

Prejudice is not often easy to measure, as a person may feel personally toward one belief but does not show that belief to others as they know it is not the general rule. Other people can be blunt and open with prejudice, making it easier to know what their exact feeling about another is or even how they feel toward them. Being able to call it an accurate result though is hard because of a person’s feelings may change from experience to experience and may result differently in 6 months if taken today.

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