I Killed Him Because I Loved Him!

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Honorable judge, gentlemen of the jury, people of the Philippines! judge me! am i guilty or not guilty?
But before you sentence me, let me tell you my story.

There was a young girl, 17 years of age with a curvaceous body, 36 24 36, a long hair and a sizzling eyes...
And being rich as she was, she studied at an exclusive school..

And oh my gosh! i met this guy! he's the best player in our basket ball team and hes the heartthrob of our school.

Oh my gosh and his name, guess what? who?
Robie Santillan isn't it sweet?

oh my gosh! we became friends, we became friends and later more than that.
After 1 year of relationship we decided to settle down.
The marriage that cut off the ties of our families.
And since his parents disagree, that's why he was not supported by his studies.

So i decided to give up my studies, and work as a saleslady in a supermarket.
And then one night he returned home he asked for money but i cant give him for i just gave him one last night.
So he walked out and then the next day he returned home he was as cold and as hard as a stone.

One day, his graduation came and i was so happy!
I expected Robie to invite me but he never said a word.
I didn't mind it I still attended his graduation ceremony. i wore my nicest dress ever.. and then when his name was called ,
With a degree of medicine, a Suma Cumlaude, Robie Santillan! i shouted with glee.

But when I was just stood up.
I was shocked, when another girl stood up and gave that medal to him i'm supposed to give him that medal, and pin that ribbon because im his wife

im his wife right? im his wife!
With that unpleasant thought,
I fainted.

and then when he returned home that night, i confronted him.

"robie who is that girl?", i asked and then he answered ," its not your business!"
"but i am your wife…...

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