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Kristofer Spoto
Mrs. Henderson
PSY 100
29 August 2012 Angel Bio My name is Kristofer Spoto I am 20 years old, and my course of study is psychology. I find the subject very interesting, and informative. I chose psychology as my major because I want to know what makes people act the way they do, and learn more about psychological disorders. In addition to that, I have psychological disorders; I am bipolar and have ADD. Also, my brother suffers from Aspbergerā€™s Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism, ADHD, and bipolar. The disorders were genetically inherited by our father; who passed away when I was 12 years old. So going into this career field will help me better understand others, my brother, and myself. I took General Psychology 101 last semester and it was so intriguing that I wanted to learn more, so I enrolled in Psychology of Adjustment. I am also taking General Psychology 102 this semester. When I am not at SUNY Orange I am working in an auto part warehouse named GWC Distributors. I used to be a manager at Burger King, but left due to the physical and mental stress it caused me. When I am not at school or working I like to spend time with my girlfriend. It is her first semester at SUNY New Paltz, so I go up to visit her every few days; I also plan on transferring to New Paltz next fall; I hope to get into the psychology program there. I am not passionate about much; however, I am a big fan of Star Wars, and I have been since I was very young. Some other random facts about myself; I am from an Italian and Irish heritage. I like to drive. I like tattoos; I have two of my own. I hope you enjoy reading my…...

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