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How to Use the SimNet Online Office 2010 Edition

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: The Login Page should appear


Step 3: Follow the directions to Log in if you are a registered user. OF

Step 3a – Click on one of the three steps below. (You may click on Don’t have an account? Click here to Purchase SimNet online.

Step 4: - Click on your Assignments page. (If no assignments show, then you possibly registered for the wrong section)
For SimNet Help:
Phone: 1-800-331-5094
Step 5 - Click on the assignment that you are to do.

Step 6 – OPEN the Lesson,

Step 7 – Follow the prompts.


There are 3 tabs – TEACH ME, SHOW ME, LET ME TRY

If you are unsure how to complete the lesson, then use the Teach Me or Show Me tab. After that then go to the LET ME TRY TAB.

Step 9 – YOU MUST ALWAYS COMPLETE the LET ME TRY tab in order to receive credit.

Step 10 – In the upper left hand corner is a list of the tasks that you are to complete in this lesson. If you do not have a Π mark in every box, then you will not receive credit for that task!

Step 11 – Complete all tasks by clicking the Teach Me/Show Me tabs and then the Let Me Try tabs.

Step 12 - You may exit from the lesson at any time and return to complete it. Your lesson will be saved and marked so you will know where to return.

Step 13 – Be sure to return and complete the lesson to receive credit for SimNet that week.


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