How to Bathe a Stubborn Dog

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How to Bathe a Stubborn Dog

Bathing your dog shouldn’t be that hard. It helps keep your pet healthy, from smelling like a farm animal, and shedding all over the house. A smelly dog is not what you want sleeping at the end of your bed, or in my case snuggling next to you while trying to steal your pillows and blanket. When giving our boxer a bath, she seems to really enjoy it. However, our Lab, Jack, who should LOVE water, is another story.

First, make sure you gather all of your supplies. Since Jack isn’t a fan of baths, we don’t bother trying to wrestle him in the tub. We wait for a nice day and put him in a baby pool outside. You’ll need: dog (or baby) shampoo, plenty of old towels, a hose, a short leash, an accomplice, and lots of patience. Remember, since Jack doesn’t like baths, you’ll need to be sneaky while trying to gather these items. If he sees the shampoo bottle or the baby pool you will end up playing hide-and-seek. By the time you finally find him, you’ll forget why you were looking for him in the first place.

Now that you have your supplies (and hopefully Jack), lead him out to the backyard.
Walk to the opposite side of the pool and use the leash to pull him in. He won’t like it, but if you’re using the leash, he won’t have much choice. Now that you have him in the pool, yell to your accomplice to turn the water on. Hose him down while trying to keep him from shaking all over you. At this point, you will probably be standing in the tub with him. Have your accomplice run and get the shampoo that you forgot on the porch (about thirty feet away). If you attempt to go get it, the bath will be over.

Use a liberal amount of soap and rub it all over his coat. He will probably hold still for this part, just because you’re…...

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