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History of nursing

I entered nursing initial to have a reliable means of income. Nursing at the time was is large demand and I felt as though this was my way of insuring success. I completed my LPN in a technical education center and graduated feeling less than prepared for the requirements that were to come. I soon took a job were I did home visits and found myself becoming more compassionate for the patients that I would see. My ideals changed and I had a feeling of duty to the welfare of my impoverished patients. There were days that I would have to piece together 4X4 gauze with tape to create kurlex. I began collecting and dispersing supplies from others who donated their supply once they completed their treatment. This created a sense of gratitude and loyalty between both my patient and myself.

As I continue to move along in my career goals I have maintained a sense of loyalty to this ideal. This is an ideal that my grandmother tried to convey to me from the beginning of my journey, as she to was a nurse even after she retired.

Now, for the first time I have been required to read the history of nursing. Reading these stories has opened my eyes as to what nursing was and the pains it took to get to were it is today. I had no idea that nursing was ever looked at as a role for those who could do no better with their lives. Nor did I realize how passionate and committed these people were.

Clara Barton, although not a nurse, developed a key organization, which has a maintained as a symbol of humanity. Today, the red cross contributes a large community awareness by coordinating blood drives, acting in military aid, disaster relief, and holding CPR courses available to the general public. Florence Nightingale, known as the founder of modern day nursing, was a dedicated nurse whose notes on nursing defined and separated it from all other fields. If for…...

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