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Roman and Greeks Correlations

There are many differences between the Greeks and Romans. There are so many similarities between the two because Romans adopted the Greek religion and everything they did in life. One difference between them is the religion even though the Romans adopted it there are differences. Another difference is architecture like the Greeks the Romans also did gods for their architecture, but there are many differences. The last difference would have to be art while the Greeks did body the Romans did nature and power. Even though they were the same almost there are many different correlations. First one thing that was the same with the Greeks and Romans but had different attributes was architecture. One difference between their architecture was the materials. The early classical period of Greece used bronze. bowserguy62 When they started to advance they used white marble and painted it. The Romans also used white marble to make their architecture however they didn’t paint it. Another example is their styles and inspiration. Greeks often did depictions of their gods in heroic nudes and mainly the male figure was idealized. Even though the Romans did do gods they often did nobles or emperors that were naturalistic. Greeks did sculpture in architecture and also did free- standing sculpture just like the Romans did. When it they did free-standing sculptures the Romans never did it because their sculptures were often historical events or leaders. Even though there are a lot of similarities between the Greeks and Romans architecture there are just as many differences. Another thing that was similar and different between both…...

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