Hitler's Failures Post 1940

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From the beginning of the Second World War, Adolf Hitler had a set of goals that he looked to accomplish; establish the Aryan Race as the supreme race over all others, abolish the Treaty of Versailles, expand German territory (Lebensraum), and defeat Communism. To manipulate the German people, he utilized propaganda regarding previous grievances such as Germany’s outcome from World War I and the economic situation of Germany to twist the general consensus into the hatred of Jews, “gypsies”, and other races deemed inferior to the Aryans. As for military strategy, Hitler felt that the best way to go about gaining territory was keep it as a “one-front” war, because it would keep the Wehrmacht from spreading out itself too much and overextending it’s supply lines. In addition, he devised the Blitzkrieg or “lightning war”, which meant that his forces were concentrated into a cohesive unit, so that the Panzer tanks would swoop in first, causing panic among enemy soldiers, and then these tanks would continue moving while the German foot soldiers took advantage of the confused enemy and pick them off.
While both his propaganda and innovative military strategies worked for a stretch of the war, Hitler’s strategy’s began failing from 1940 until his suicide in 1945 that were ultimately responsible for Germany’s loss in World War II. Hitler’s first began making mistakes when, in 1940, Hitler missed two major opportunities to defeat Britain when it was weakest. In June, when the allied defenses in France and Belgium collapsed, he ordered his tanks not to attack the British force of “338,000 soldiers” besieged on the beach at Dunkirk. In addition to this blunder, during the Battle of Britain, Hitler decided that he no longer needed to bomb the RAF bases and airfields, and switched to bombing residential and commercial buildings, giving the British a chance to recover and…...

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