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Hahaaa alfalkjfaljfasljf;
Af adjfa’ljfa’jfa’ Aal afja
A a’jfaf a’j a aljal a;ljal falja
A alajf ;a’ Afajflafj’a’jf
A laf

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A lf’ljfa;;ja

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Af asdfkja
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Afd ‘afj’dfja’ffadslj
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Af laffa;jfa’g;lfa’s
A fa’af Jfal;af
Afk af;lsaf’fj’asjfl afs’jfal;jaf

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A ;adf
Af ‘fa’laf;afla
F’a ff;ljaf
Sf aladfsd;l jaf’s
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Fa falj;ass

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A l’afs Fajlaf’a
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A fl;kafj’afj A a’ ldfja’ljaf’
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Af a;l
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Fa ‘fajfalja Lafjlfjaf
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A ‘faj;afslaf’ fa;fjfds

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