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Genesis Haro
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12 November 2012
Why Are You Gossiping? Men don’t “gossip” and tune down their hearing capability to minimum when girls start talking, while girls like sharing details about our lives to our friends and boyfriends. Not only do we think it allows us to become one but also not let the relationship die by there being an awkward silence. Men, on the other hand, would rather not hear about those details and think they are a waste of time. Sharing details with the opposite sex is very important in the beginning but once they are further in the relationship men tend to not pay attention to those details.
When two people are falling in love they tend to listen to details more because they believe that if they remember what the other said that is a way of showing that they are really in love and care about the other. No one wants to tell their significant other something important and for the other not to listen or remember. It is like a waste of breathe telling someone something so important to you and them not to even care. That is why most couples who are falling in love tend to actually listen to each other’s personal life. They like finding out what they like and what they don’t like, because what if the guy buys a beautiful bouquet of red roses but didn’t know that the girl’s favorite flowers are sunflowers. To the girl that is turn off because she would have rather appreciated receiving her favorite flower other than the red roses. It is important to know what their favorite things are because that shows they are seriously interested in them and not just another person in their lives. In You Just Don’t Understand by Deborah Tannen is about the different ways that men and women communicate with each other and the certain things men don’t find important like “gossip” (97). Only in the beginning of a relationship do guys show…...

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