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CHEM 5 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory Outline. 55labout.doc 02/06/05

• development of quantitative laboratory skills • introduction to modern analytical science

• Approach:

• solve a series of chemical analysis problems with various techniques and instruments • certify laboratory instruments and standards • maintain laboratory records in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice Guidelines


Weeks 1-6

- Perform a Basic Set of 8 fundamental experiments (Series A)

Weeks 5-15

Two parallel activities will be sustained:

- Perform a series of quantitative studies (Series B)
- Calibration of laboratory instruments

(Each student or student group will perform each experiment in the B-series.) (Each student or student group will perform the calibration of laboratory instruments

Series A.

Basic Quantitative Techniques

Introductory Experiments
(A-1) Experiment 1 Use of the Analytical Balance (page 727)
(A-2) Experiment 2 Use of the Pipet and Buret and Statistical Analysis (page 729)

Gravimetric Analysis
(A-3) Experiment 3 Gravimetric Determination of Chloride (page 730)

Volumetric Analysis Acid-Base Titrations Neutralization Titrations
(A-4) Experiment 6 Determination of Replaceable Hydrogen in Acid by Titration with Sodium Hydroxide (page 736)
(A-5) Experiment 7 Determination of Total Alkalinity of Soda Ash (page 738)

Complexometric Titrations
(A-6) Experiment 9 Determination of Water Hardness with EDTA (page 742)

Precipitation Titrations
(A-7) Experiment 11 Determination of Chloride in a Soluble Chloride: Fajan’s Method (page 745) Statistical Comparison of the results obtained from Exp 3 and Exp 11

Reduction-Oxidation Titrations…...

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