Future Where Money Is Only Electronic

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“Future where money is only electronic”
Son Chunsuparerk

Part A : Technological Infrastructure
The following key enablers make the future possible

Computing form factor: As all financial activities, including day-to-day merchandise will become electronic, the computer form factor will evolve in the way that allows people to carry it anywhere and everywhere. Computers will be smaller, faster, and embedded into human body to facilitate real time communication for financial activities. From history, computer forms have evolved from time to time. From a poor performance computer that filled the entire room to a bulky computer that sat on the entire table, to now being small compact laptop, tablet, and mobile that fit in a tiny pocket.

In today’s environment, credit card is a great example how money went partially electronically. The drawback of using a credit card is that of the credit card receiver (eg. credit card is unusable if there is no device to accept). The future will need computers to miniaturize into a small fingertip size, which enables money to seamlessly transfer from one party to another. Credit card receivers will be small enough to fit into a wallet, just like a credit card, and have the functionalities to control over all financial needs just like using cash/check today.

Power: In order to keep mobility and minimal form factor, one needs to consider its on power. In the future, power consumption on certain devices will be low, while power generation will be high in order to ensure usability throughout the day. Tiny solar cell, or kinetic power generation are enough to supply power to the entire device. Vibration and movement from regular activities will supply low energy consumption devices. Idle devices will consume nearly zero power, which could help extend usage for years without recharge. Small but powerful battery…...

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