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New Insight of Taobao affecting the Etailing in China


E-retailing is the concept of selling of retail product via electronic platform such as media especially internet. E-retailing is same meaning with business-to-consumer (B2C) transaction model of e-commercial even though E-retailing is an independent business pattern with particular specific components such as trust model, electronic trading process. E-retailing stores are sell online promote for products that can be sold out easily via internet method. For successful example as Taobao. The online retailing platform provided a wide variety and to make the buyer convenience to buy the product.

E-retailing means of retailing through and over the internet. Hence, an E-retailing are B2C (Business to customer) and C2C (Customer to customer) business patterns that to enforce a transaction business and customer or consumer. E-retailers’ business can be provided businesses like E-bay only or develop from traditional business such as

Taobao is more popular e-retailing platform since the Internet has become an indispensable part in people's lives. Taobao-Rapid and successful development of a few short years, the success of popular products categories such as men’s and women’s fashion and bags. It search function is easy to search their desire product as well as find relevant buyers through the search engine. In customer service, it has Taobao “call center” which is effective measure and make sure give customer response and interaction to customer on time. They had have a great community platform to let’s user to user for communication and share relevant information and this community established enquiry center, training as well. Taobao used a good market strategy to attract retailer free to established e-ship via their platform and expand the market share within 3 years…...

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