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The little powerhouse that is France is home to the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Its area is slightly less than the size of Texas at 643,701 sq km. Other major cities in the country are Marseille-Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Lille, and Cannes which is famous for the film festival. French is the official language, and its neighbors include Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. The United States has quite a few less neighbors at 2, which are Canada and Mexico.
France is easily navigable by water as all natural waterways crisscross the country. The Loire River is 625 miles long, beginning in the southeastern part of France and flows into the Bay of Biscay. While the Loire is the longest, the Rhone is the ‘biggest river in France in terms of depth and volume’ (USA Today, Travel Tips). The Seine River comes in third, but is largest as far as popularity and name recognition go. It is home to many places tourists frequent. France is also surrounded by many well-known bodies of water including the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, the Bay of Biscay, and the Mediterranean Sea. The populations of France and the United States differ tremendously. An estimated 62,814,233 people call France their home while an estimated 313,847,465 people live in America. The French are principally Celtic and Latin, Slavic, North Africa, and Indochinese and Americans are white, black, Asian, Amerindian and Alaska native, native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander (The World Factbook). Here in the US we have a Constitution-based republic and France operates with a similar system. Their current president is Francois Hallande and the Prime Minister is Jean-Marc Ayrault. The Council of Ministers, much like our presidential cabinet, is appointed by the President at the Prime Minister’s direction and the Prime Minister is appointed by the President himself. The French…...

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...Studies IIT Roorkee | [Country report: france] | The report contains an overall analysis of France as a business destination for trade and new business ventures. We have adopted the PESTEL Analysis methodology to arrive to our conclusion. | INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Timeline: France 3.1 History 3.2 Present 3.3 Future 3. PESTEL Analysis 4.4 Political 4.5 Economic 4.6 Social 4.7 Technological 4.8 Environmental 4.9 Legal 4. Summery 5. Conclusion 6. Bibliography Introduction France – officially known as the ‘French Republic’, is one of the most influential nations and has dominated the world with its art, culture, fashion, economy and military.    Located in Western Europe,  France is spread over an area of 640,000 Sq. Kms and shares its borders with Spain in south and Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and Andorra in north. Capital city of France is Paris, and other major cities and industrial centres include, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Valence and Nimes.   Paris, the capital city of France is one of the four fashion capitals of the world, also famous for Eiffel Tower – One of the seven wonders, this city boasts of hosting some of the biggest fashion related events of the world.    France is a major player in political affairs of the world and is of the permanent members of UN Security Council. Economy of France is 5th largest in the world and 69 of......

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...HISTORY OF FRANCE • 13th century Spreading the weight of vaults over a series of ribs, columns, and pilasters, Gothic architecture allows the dissolution of the wall. Windows in cathedrals and churches are filled with stained glass; the shimmering colored light transfigures the vast interiors. Depicting biblical stories, scenes from the lives of the saints, or single figures, stained-glass windows complement the sculptures on the exterior and the rites and ceremonies observed within. • 1209 The Albigensian Crusade is launched by Pope Innocent III with the help of Cistercian monks. While the original spark for this war springs from papal desire to extinguish the growing problem of heresy in the region surrounding Toulouse, the political struggle between the independent southern territories and lords from northern France, joined after 1226 by Louis VIII, plays itself out in a war. In 1229, Count Raymond VII of Toulouse, who had been Louis VIII's main adversary, is compelled to cede territory to the king's control. • ca. 1210–1250 Artists at Chartres install an elaborate and extensive program of stained-glass windows in the cathedral under construction there. In addition to religious and historical subjects, the intensely colored windows depict numerous scenes of tradespeople at work, including bakers, furriers, wheelwrights, and weavers. These tradespeople were likely contributors—through hefty taxes—to the construction of the church. • 1226 Louis IX (d. 1270),......

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...France If there was one thing at the forefront of the minds of French voters, with the upcoming presidential election, it would be the current economic crisis focusing mainly on the failing euro. (Hey, Big Spender) This paper will summarize three articles that relate to the failing euro and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s role in this issue, part of a possible solution of getting it back on track in “Going Dutch” by Martin Feldstien, in the “The Failure of the Euro” from Foreign Affairs, “Hey, Big Spender” from The Economist, and Eduardo Cue, in the “Prospects Are Good for New Plan from Merkel,Sarkozy” from U.S. News and World Report. European nations are required to become integrated and unified as a whole to participate and enhance Europe’s role in world affairs abroad. One of the main ideas to begin this integration was the trial of creating a unified currency system that is now increasingly being recognized as a experiment that has vehemently failed. This failure was not an accident or the result of bureaucratic mismanagement but rather the inevitable consequences of imposing a single currency on a very heterogeneous group of countries. The adverse consequences of the failing euro on the European economies include the current debt crises, fragile conditions of numerous banks, high levels of unemployment, and large trade deficits. (Feldstein) Lately, worries about the stability of the euro reached a high as Italy's bond yield, indicative of the rate it would pay...

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...France has its wine. Germany has its beer. Eastern Europe has its vodka; And Puerto Rico has its rum. Puerto Rico is famous for many things but it is probably best known for producing some of the world’s finest rums. Not lightly do they call this small island the rum capital of the world. Over 80 percent of the rum sold in the U.S. comes from Puerto Rico; it's the island's chief export. Puerto Ricans do not take it for granted that they live on an island that produces high-quality product, and they consume it without prejudice. It’s not a stretch to consider it an intrinsic part of the culture - and of the Caribbean’s as a whole - as much as wine is part of the French way of life, or vodka in Eastern Europe. Rum serves as a link to the past, both the mythical and the real; from the decks of pirate ships to the sugarcane fields of the centrals azucareras Rum is a staple in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the biggest producer of rum in the world. The list of rums, from mixers to delicate liquid gold that rivals the world's finest brandies, include familiar names like Bacardi, Palo Viejo, Don Q, Ron Llave, Licor 43, and El Barrilito. Rum is such a part of Puerto Rico that there is a festival called Taste of Rum festival dedicated solely to Rum which is held annually. Since I can’t afford to take everyone to the festival as part of my presentation what I could afford to do was make some Coquito, a popular coconut and rum beverage traditionally served around the holidays throughout......

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