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Yes it is possible to process informatin when interruption is fairly constant. Elisha Goldstein, PH.D wrote a very informative article on this topic. There are things you can do to minimize interruptions. You can schedule work during times that are un-interruptable so you can have a more complete focus. You can can also utilize ear plugs. If you can not avoid interruptions, you can engage in a mindful check-in. This is a practice where you are pausing and dropping the question into your mind "Where am I starting from right now?" You determine if your mind is busy or calm, if it is busy, ask yourself what is it busy with?. With these methods you can process information when interruption is fairly constant.

2. I do not like to receive personal emails in my work email. Employees in our country waste two hours per day online and I have no interest in partaking in that inefficiency. If I have someone sending me personal emails to my work email, then I will make it known that I wish for them to stop promptly. When I am at work, I am looking to be productive for my employer, not to socialize. The policy that I think should be implemented is for the supervisors to have access to monitor all employee email accounts and verify they are not using them for the wrong purposes. You are not doing anything work related that your manager is not authorized to see, so the policy should be no problem to you if you are not doing anything wrong.

3.I do not agree that email does not nurture relationships. I feel tht is as not as effective as voice communication in doing so, but I cannot say that it does not nurture relationships, because words are powerful. You can build a relationship through words. However, to avoid the possibility of email not nurturing relationship, you should speak in person as much as reasonably possible, or via voice, this will make your relationship stronger…...

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